Nowadays, a dollar or two can't buy you much. Or can it?
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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Christmas-themed Tin/Cardboard Boxes... $1.25

Lookie here what I found at a dollar shop - these beautiful tin and cardboard boxes in different sizes and festive Christmas colours - all for $1.25 each!

They were not too big, or too small and were excellent sizes for gift giving - or stocking stuffers!

In fact, they were the perfect size for holding some chocolate-chip cookies that I had baked a few days earlier! Home-made gift anyone? Hello!

The cardboard boxes were a lot smaller...


but were the perfect size for adding dollar bills! At least Canadian ones ;) ....

Just for good measure and extra added sweetness, I also bought a 'billion dollar' chocolate bar to put on top! Paid $1.25 for that also...


And last but not least, is this brilliant red box I also purchased for $1.25, perfect for holding gift cards.

Love, love, love 'em!! It was a good day that day!

So what would YOU do with these boxes? Let us know and perhaps we'll send them all to you!

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